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Instagrammable Melting Bear Hot Pot (Seoul National University Station)

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Recently, when I browse Instagram, I saw a lot of videos of bear hot pot. I clicked in out of curiosity, and it was a video of a bear melting which is really super healing! 🥰

Melting Bear Hotpot 안녕쿠마

안녕쿠마, which has always been on my bucket list, finally get to eat the bear hotpot.

The restaurant is on the basement floor. There are a lot of people waiting on the ground, it seemed really a instagrammable restaurant 😮👍🏻

With the mentality of not being able to eat this time, I went into the store to make an appointment and line up. When I was about to wait outside, the staff suddenly asked if there were two of us only and we can go in immediately, because there were more than two people waiting outside. Really super lucky!


When ordering, you must order 쿠마짱 온천, which is the bear hot pot. I didn’t see it clearly at the time, and I almost ordered 가마솥밥ㅜㅜ

The hot pot is a little expensive, 18,000 won, but for the bear, I love to do that!! >//<

I ordered 시로샤브샤브 (white), and my friend ordered 스키야키 샤브샤브 (brown)

After serving the dishes, of course, I have to take as many photos! It’s really cute❤️❤️

After shooting enough, we turn on the fire in high heat, and the bear completely melted in less than a minute 😭😭

When we complained that 18,000 won paid but we can only have one minute to take pictures, we found out that the instructions told us to turn on the fire in low heat… We didn’t see the instructions before starting the fire (although the clerk told us to read them)

Look at the little bear I took the video that just melted away quickly… Don’t follow us, you must read the instructions carefully!

After the little bear completely melted into the soup base, we began to eat hot pot~


Although the amount of beef is a bit small, it is still delicious, and the soup base is not very salty

If the bear is not changing into a soup base, it is not that worth of money…

After all, 18,000 won would expect something in a larger portion.

However, the selling point of the bear’s soup base melting makes people like me who love taking instagrammable photos and videos add a lot of ratings!

If you like to take photos, try 안녕쿠마 at Seoul National UniversityStation~


📍서울 관악구 관악로14길 70 효림빌딩 지하1층
B1, 70 Gwanak-ro 14-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
⏰11:30 – 22:00

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