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Home » Bellygom, a giant pink bear appears in Jamsil of Seoul!

Bellygom, a giant pink bear appears in Jamsil of Seoul!

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The giant pink bear Bellygom, who was also in the open space outside Lotte Tower in 2022, is finally back after a year!

Let me briefly introduce what Pink Bear Bellygom is~

Bellygom is a cartoon character and Youtube channel created by Lotte Group

It mainly shoots hidden camera videos to show people’s real reactions

Bellygom was born on August 10, 2018. He is 220cm tall and weighs 400kg.

It loves scaring people and being cute >////< so it’s MBTI is CUTE haha XDD

This time Bellygom invites everyone to its anniversary party<Amazing Bellygom,Happy B-day🎉>

Apart from the Bellygom with a height of 15 meters, there are also 6 Bellygoms dressed in cake shapes for everyone to take pictures

I went on Sunday, so there were a lot of people queuing up to take pictures.

Everyone hurry up and take nice pictures at the open space under the Lotte Tower before the end of the exhibition on April 23!

Apart from the Bellygom in different shapes for everyone to take pictures, there is also a Pop-up Store that sells Bellygom products.

Even the Pop-up Store has a lot of people queuing up, I suggest you reserve more time there~

When I was queuing up to take pictures, I suddenly heard the donut stall next to me saying that 200 donuts were distributed for free

Although it’s free, it’s still super delicious!!

I don’t know if it is distributed at a fixed time every day, but I got the donuts at 16:10, you can take a reference to it~

Upload the photo to Instagram and add #크크벨리곰 #크리스피크림도넛 before April 16th and you can get a lucky draw!

Prizes include iPad, Dyson hair dryer and Airpods Pro!

I really want to hurry up to April 28, the day when the winners will be announced~ I hope I can win the prize^^

If you are interested, you can watch Bellygom’s funny video~

📍300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul 서울 송파구 올림픽로 300
📆 23.4.1(Sat) ~ 23. 4.23(Sun)
⏰Exhibition Opening Hours
⏰Pop-up Store Opening Hours

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