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How to register and cash out the Culture Land Cash Coupon

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People living in Korea might have a chance to get a Culture Land Cash Coupon.

This article would introduce different ways to use the Culture Land Cash Coupon.

How to register the Culture Land Cash Coupon?

Step 1: Create your account in Culture Land

Step 2: Click the normal member and check “휴대폰 본인인증” for mobile phone authentication.

Step 3: Log into the account

Step4: Click “충전” to register the coupon

Step 5: Select “컬쳐랜드 상품권”

Step 6: Fill in the coupon number and click the “충전하기” button

How to cash the coupon out?

Method 1: Bank Account Refund

Step 1: Go to the “고객센터”

Step 2: Click “환불신청”

Step 3: Click “일반환불 문의하기”

Step 4: Register the Bank Account

Step 5: Fill in the personal particulars and reason for the refund.

Step 6: Click “일반환불 문의하기” button

Refund will be done during the working hours. However, the bank account refund method will charge 10% service charge, which is quite expensive, so I recommend the second method.

Method 2: Change to the points like Payco points and Naver pay.

I use Payco points on many sites such as SSG.COM. It can also be used offline.

There is a 6% service charge for transferring to Payco points.

And it could be transferred immediately.

Where to use the Culture Land Cash Coupon?

If you want to use it directly, you can use it both online and offline.

Online Shop:, GS Shop, G Market, Olive Young, Naver, etc

Offline Stores:

CU, CGV, emart 24, Seven Eleven, Ministop, Megabox, Lotte Cinema, etc

To use the coupon offline, you should install the mobile APP of Culture Land.

  • Login to the Culture Land
  • Click the barcode button on the upper right corner
  • Present the barcode to the staff

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