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Best spot for sunrise☀️ Things to do in the New Year of South Korea

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Most Koreans wake up early on New Year’s Day to watch the first sunrise of the year
I spent several years in Korea and never watched it
(Actually, I am too lazy, I have never watched the sunrise🙈)
This year, in order to add a sense of ritual to the ordinary life
So decided to go to see the first sunrise in 2023!

This was the first time when others counting down to 12 o’clock but I’m already sleeping

I departed at around 6:40, I thought everyone would watch the sunrise and there would be a lot of traffic jams.
However, the traffic jam only started near the parking lot

I started walking up at 7:07
Walking up the stairs, my legs were sore and feel endless walking
I want to say whether to look in the middle or not
But in the end, I still did not give up
Going to the top of the mountain (?) at Bajiao Pavilion actually took less than 8 minutes…lol
Luckily I didn’t give up haha

There were not many people at 7:15 and can also find a good position but after a few minutes, it becomes overcrowded.

Sunrise is expected to be 7:37
I was a little impatient at first
Because there are a few people in the front row who clearly can have a good view but still insist on standing on the bench so that people behind can’t see it…

There was performance too
Although I don’t know who they are, the audience still cheered and called them encore after they sang 3 songs

at about 7:45
The host said that the sun has actually risen
Just because of the smog
That’s why everyone can’t see the sun

I was a little disappointed to hear the news
I rarely wake up early to watch the sunrise TT
Some people heard that and left

But I still decided to wait until 8 o’clock and go

At 7:56, I suddenly heard someone yelling that the sun is coming out!!!
Everyone was super excited and took pictures with their mobile phones

The sun just rising slowly along the Lotte Tower
The Lotte Tower once divided the sun in half, which was super beautiful!!
Fortunately, I insisted to wait
Otherwise, I will be regret

Apart from being a famous place for sunrise
It is also a famous place to see the night view.
I recommend it to everyone~

📍응봉산 팔각정 Eungbongsan Palgakjeong Pavilion

서울 성동구 금호동4가 1540
1540, Geumho-dong 4(sa)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

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