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Hamster having tumour surgery in Korea (Cost of surgery, postoperative information)

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(Includes pre- and post-operative photos)

My Pudding Hamster MOCHI came to my home in April 2022

Up to 5-6 months old, he has been living a healthy life

From a tiny one in the past, it has grown to a fat hamster of 76g now

When he was a child, I didn’t know the reason why he kept biting me until I bleed

However, recently, he no longer bites

Even if he bites, he only bites gently

Asking me to release him back into the cage

Although the cage is also quite large

He still likes to bite the cage

I don’t want him to bite as it might get hurt but he is really cute!!!🤍🤍


He recently noticed unusual redness and swelling on his hand when he bit the cage

I don’t know if it’s a blister or a tumour

it was late at night, so I can take him to the vet right away

Waiting is really long and sad

I cried countless times, I hope it’s not a tumour 😭🙏🏻

MOCHI feels a lot of stress when he is out of the cage

He always wanted to come out

But fortunately, there is still a nap in the middle

When we went to see the vet, I have to say that MOCHI is really good

When I took MOCHI and HEAVY (another hamster) for a physical examination

HEAVY keeps trying to break free, making the doctor sweat lol

But MOCHI doesn’t move at all and let the doctor take a good check

The doctor said that he can’t tell whether his hands are just blisters or tumours just by looking at them.

Pierce it with a needle is needed to see if it’s blood or pus come out

Then the doctor took him to another room

On the way, MOCHI was in too much pain, so I cried out a few times, it hurt so much><

The doctor said it was blood

There is a high probability that it is a tumour

Tears are about to flow when I hear this 😭😭

The doctor said that tumours rarely develop at such a young age

But if he needs surgery, it will cost about 310,000 won

And the recovery time is about a week

In terms of risk because MOCHI is still healthy in other senses, so there is almost no risk

However, there is still a chance of relapse after surgery

As MOCHI can still eat normally now, if it doesn’t affect his living, he can just live without surgery.

But if it gets bigger, he need surgery, so the vet first prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs to MOCHI

If it disappears after taking the medicine, it may be just blisters

I was worried at first that he wouldn’t like the medicine

However, he finished the medicine obediently every time.

I saw in the hamster community that black yeast is helpful for hamster tumours, so I feed MOCHI too

And when I grab him recently

He keeps licking and biting my hand, acting like a baby

Really cute!!😍😍

Mochi feels more energetic after eating black yeast for a few days

More time to go out and do activities

But it’s a pity that after taking medicine and black yeast

The tumour on my hand is still getting bigger😢😢

So I decided to take MOCHI for surgery today

Unexpectedly, on my birthday, the first thing to do is to take MOCHI for surgery

The doctor said the tumour was much bigger than the previous few days

The complexity of surgery has increased

It’s possible that the wounds won’t be sewed because of this.

Recovery time may also be longer

Then the doctor said to leave MOCHI and leave the cage in the clinic

I will be contacted to pick up MOCHI at about 4:00

After about 30 minutes, I received a call saying that the operation was over and just go to the clinic in an hour

I was at ease after hearing that

Fortunately, MOCHI’s surgery went well.

Mochi was already awake when I arrived at the clinic

The vet showed us the sutures and tumour on MOCHI’s hand but MOCHI went to show his nose XD

The vet explained what to pay attention to after surgery

Take the rollers away for at least a week first

And because headgear has more disadvantages than advantages, so MOCHI didn’t take it

The vet also said that the wound didn’t swell up an hour after the operation, which is very good.

Supplements can also be fed normally

After taking the medicine, I went home

MOCHI fell asleep when I got home

After waking up, he went back to the clean house

It’s really nice to see MOCHI being active!

Before the operation, apart from going to the toilet and eating and drinking, he basically sleeping all the time

But Mochi can be seen after the surgery

When I opened the cage, he will also run out 😍😍

I opened the cage a few days ago and didn’t even think that he wanna get out of the cage.

MOCHI needs to be healthy and accompany me for a few more years! 🤍🤍

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