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[Seoul’s newest must-see spot] Knotted World, which requires a two-hour queue to eat

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Knotted Donut opened a café called Knotted World at Jamsil Lotte World Tower in Seoul on March 31, 2023

Let’s take a tour with the video first~

It is the largest donut café in Korea with a beautiful view of Seokchon Lake

There are two floors inside

The 5th floor is a café and souvenir shop, while the 6th floor is a photo area and toilet, with a total of 12,097 square feet

The entrance is a small photo zone and souvenir shop

Photo zone was designed in pale yellow and pink tone

You can take beautiful photos easily

Check in the superb decoration and the delicious Knotted doughnuts

Although there is a 2-hour wait to enter the cafe, it also attracts a lot of people waiting

I went there on the Sunday of the 2nd week of opening

You need to enter the Korean phone number at the machine in front of the store to queue

At 1:40, the number is already 489, and there are 201 groups of guests waiting in front of me

It seems that you need to wait half to 1 hour before the door opens

Otherwise, you’ll have to queue up

We were going to wait two hours before we could get in

So I rode my bike to the SOMA Art Museum nearby in the Olympic Park

There were only 66 guests left before we received the notification

Unexpectedly, within a minute after we have checked the queue (3:03), I received a message from Kakao Talk saying that I would need to enter by 3:18

So we used extreme speed to ride back to the Lotte Tower (the foot was about to break TT)

We divided the work. My friend went up first to get the spot and I went to return the bike so that we can be just in time to get in

When I went up, the clerk said that my friend had to come out and pick me up before I could go in

I almost lost my seat in the beautiful scenery of Seokchon Lake because of this

So don’t go as far as we did

Just walk around the Lotte Tower

After that, there is the ordering area

Next to the ordering area, you can see the kitchen and the return area

There are also Knotted’s stickers and colouring paper for you to take home

Cupcakes and Slush are limited products in Knotted World

We ordered Pink Cloud Lemon Slush, Hazelnut Chocoball Donut, Rainbow Vanilla Cupcake, Green Tea Choco Cupcake and Milk Cream Donut

We just ordered 6 items and they cost 28,800 won

But I love Hazelnut doughnuts

The crunchy chocolate and creamy hazelnut cream really match!!

And Rainbow Vanilla Cupcake also uses rich cream but it won’t be greasy to eat.

It is not just having the appearance~

I wanted Pink Cloud Lemon Slush to order a peach flavour at first but it’s already sold out, so I can only order lemon flavour

At first, the straws froze, and I couldn’t drink it

It took a while before it could be melted

But it was a little bit too sweet for me and my friends

Even though it was a Knotted World limited drink, we prefer buying an extra limited cupcake to eat XD

But there are really a lot of people inside

Waiting for the location was 30 minutes

It took another 30 minutes to stand in line for food

Waiting another 15 minutes for food

If you’re in a hurry, you really can’t come here

There are also several super beautiful photo zones

If you ask me if it’s worth it

I think it’s fine if you just wait for an hour

But if you have to wait 3 hours in total, it is not recommended

Unless it’s a Knotted donut fan or a professional Instagrammer who follow the trends~

📍노티드월드 Knotted World
🕰 10:30-22:00
서울 송파구 올림픽로 300 5,6층
5-6/F 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

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