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[Busan Hotel] Arban City Hotel Review #Yeonsan

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I would like to introduce my stay in Busan, Arban City Hotel.

You can take a look at the one-minute short video hotel introduction~

Hotel transportation

Take the Busan Gimhae Line by Skytrain from the airport, take 3 stops to 대저 Station, transfer to Line 3, and take another 12 stops to 연산Yeonsan Station. The journey takes 42 minutes.

If you take the train at the 1-1 or 4-1 train compartment, it will be faster~ It is recommended that you use the Kakao Metro App, which supports English and Korean search, and the interface is also very cute~

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Hotel location

Arban City Hotel is located less than 3 minutes from Busan Subway Line 3 Yeonsan station Exit 12. And it’s super easy to find, you can see it as soon as you go to the exit!

Because of the luggage, it is of course best to have an elevator at the exit. However, there is no elevator at Exit 12, only at Exit 14 on the opposite side. I thought it would be very inconvenient, but I didn’t expect it to be only a minute away from Exit 12.

After getting out of the elevator, turn right and walk in the direction of the lane and you can see the hotel, walk straight for about 1 minute and you will arrive after it.

Around the hotel

The area around the hotel is really super convenient!

There a fast food restaurant Lotteria less than 3 minutes away from the hotel. This Lotteria is also open 24 hours, and if you suddenly want to eat at midnight, you have no worries about running out of food. lol

Less than 2 minutes away from the hotel, there are CU convenience store and snack bar.

Downstairs immediately are the Starbucks and Olive Young. I believe that most girls travelling to Korea are most likely looking forward to shopping. But after buying, it will be inconvenient to return to the hotel to put the stuff down. Therefore, it is really good news that there is an Olive Young near the hotel! No need to worry about buying a lot of things. And this Olive Young has two floors, I believe you can buy whatever you want!

Although there are some entertainment spots near the hotel, there is a police team downstairs from the hotel, and I feel that there is no problem in terms of security.

Inside the hotel

The hotel has two entrances, at first I thought the lobby was on the 2nd floor, so I went directly to the elevator but I found that the lobby was on the ground. Therefore, when you check in, you should go to the entrance next to the police force, which is the direction of the hotel parking lot.

The lobby is not dark, it looks clean, and there are two computers for everyone to use. After checking in, there will be vending machines on the elevator side, water, snacks and etc.

Interior of the room

My room was just next to the elevator which was so convenient! XD

The room was clean and quite big. My suitcase is 21 inches, and there is still a lot of space after opening, so I am not afraid of no room to move.

The room has two bottles of water provided free of charge in the refrigerator, but the refrigerator is really small, and it could not fit a large bottle of water…

The coffee provided is Kanu coffee, which is very popular among tourists and the brand ambassador is Gongyoo.

The charging ports are also plentiful, one on each side of the bedside and two at the table, if the voltage is the same, there is no problem without plugging! And there are also two USB plugs, which is very convenient!

As for the slippers, like most Korean hotels, are non-abandoned. If you have a new slippers, you may need to bring your own~

The toilet is also very spacious. There is a bidet toilet, and the most annoying thing about going to the toilet in winter is that you touch the cold toilet board the moment you sit on it, so the toilet seat is very important. lol

Many Korean hotels do not provide toothbrushes, so you need to bring your own. However, this hotel provides them for free which is a plus.

The shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all have a nice grapefruit fragrance!

However, the biggest disadvantage of the room is that the glass next to the bathtub which does not separate the entire bathing space. The water will split out when taking a bath, and the bathroom floor will become wet after bathing. This part really needs to be improved!


Overall, the hotel is very good value for money, although not in popular locations such as Nampu Station or Seomyeon Station. But Yeonsan Station is also a transfer station, so it’s easy to get anywhere, and it only takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport.

The facilities around the hotel are also very convenient, so I recommend it to everyone.

You can book at Agoda~

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