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[Must-have item] Save at least 150,000 won with VISIT BUSAN PASS!

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This article will share with you my itinerary of actually using the Visit Busan Pass in March~

Day1 itinerary

Haeundae Blue Line Park 부산블루아인파크 청사포정거장 Sky Capsule (Optional)> X The Sky > Haeundae Traditional Market Sangkoku Rice Roll 상국이네 김밥 (Optional) > Pastel Museum (not opened) > Sanrio Lovers Club (opens in mid-March) > Goraesa fish cake > Ryan holiday in Busan > Haeundae Blue Line Park > Dongbaek Island Trail > The Bay 101 > Diamond Bay yachts

Haeundae Blue Line Park

  • The must-go coastal train that runs in October 2020
  • Address: 116, Cheongsapo Road, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult ticket for the train: ₩12,000

*Because this pass includes the coastal train only, and we want to take the Sky Capsule, because it can take better photos XD, so we bought tickets online in advance. If you don’t mind taking the coastal train, I also recommend using the pass~

Busan X Sky

  • Busan’s newest observation tower
  • Address: 30, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • Adult ticket: ₩27,000

Ryan holiday in Busan

  • Kakao Friends Exhibition
  • Address: B120, Basement 1, B220, Basement 2, Haeundae Coastal Road, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult tickets: ₩20,000

Diamond Bay yachts

  • Haeundae Route / Oryukdo Route is available
  • Advance reservation is required
  • Address: 101 Munpo-ro, South District, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult tickets: ₩30,000

Day 1 conclusion

Day 1 itinerary is in Haeundae except for the yachts at night, and you can go to other attractions. You can also save transportation fees and transportation time. However, we didn’t confirm before we went to see if some locations would be open that day, wasting a little time, otherwise, we could use more free Pass attractions, such as Centum Hot Spring Park and Museum 1, so we could save ₩38,000 more.

In addition, we wanted to go to the casino in Paradise City, but because I didn’t have my passport, I couldn’t get in, because Koreans can’t go inside Korean casinos, so I had to check my passport. If you are interested in going to the casino, remember to bring your passport!

Day 2 itinerary

Lotte World Adventure Park Busan > Outlet > Skyline Luge Busan > Poisson Cabinet > 송포바를 (own expense) > Running Man Museum > Poopoo Land (discounted) > Samjung Building Laser Arena > delivered Fried chicken (own expense)

Lotte World Adventure Park, Busan

  • Address: No. 42, East Busan Sightseeing Road, Jang Gunji, Jang Gunji, Jang Eup
  • Adult tickets: ₩47,000

Skyline Luge Busan

  • Address: 205 Jizhang Coastal Road, Busan City
  • Adult Ticket: ₩27,000 (2 tickets)

Poisson cabinet

  • Address: Busan Ji Jang Gunji Zhang Yi Ji Zhang Haihai Road 268-31
  • Adult ticket: ₩15,000

Running Man Museum

  • Address: 672 10F, Joong-ung-ro, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult tickets: ₩16,000

Poopoo Land

  • Address: 672 10F, Joong-ung-ro, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult Ticket: ₩ 10,000 (After 20% off: 8,000)

Samjung Building Laser Arena

  • Address: No. 908, 9th floor, Mitsui Building, No. 672, Central Road, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult tickets: ₩14,000

Day 2 conclusion

Because my friends and I don’t like to play exciting motorized games very much, so we only played the carousel and swing in the Lotte World, and took pictures the rest of the time, so we didn’t stay in Lotte World for long. If you like excitement, you can skip the outlet or lunch can eat casually nearby. In addition, because the pass was too new, the staff of the Samjung Building Laser Arena did not know whether it could be used at first, so he called others to inquire first. I feel that many attractions have this kind of problem, and if the staff says that they can’t use it, they may want to show them the official website of the pass and ask them to check it as well.

Day 3 itinerary

Songdo Cable Car > Songdo Suspension Bridge > Songdo Beach (skipped) > Nampu (Lunch at your own expense) > Lotte Department Store Observatory > Airport

Songdo Cable Car (round trip)

  • Address: 171 Songdo Seaside Road, West District, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult ticket: ₩15,000

Songdo Bridge

  • Address: 620 Nam-dong, West District, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adult tickets: ₩1,000

Day 3 conclusion

Because there are too many trips ahead, I got up late on the last day, I didn’t have time to go to Songdo Beach TT and we spent too much time at the observation deck, so I didn’t have time to go to Songdo Suspension Bridge on time with the pass. It is recommended that you go to Songdo Suspension Bridge next to the cable car station before going to other places~

Save on ticket prices

Day 1: ₩77,000

Day 2: ₩119,000

Day 3: ₩16,000

Total : ₩212,000


Basically, except for popular activities such as hanbok experience, coastal train, yacht and other popular activities or attractions that need to be reserved in advance, you can give the free pass to the staff before entering the hotel to scan the QR code on it, and the staff will directly give you the ticket to enter the venue after scanning.

But I don’t know if it’s because the Visit Busan Pass is still very new, even if I download the Visit Busan Pass app, I still can’t link my physical card, I can’t see the actual attractions I used and the remaining time I can use the Pass, so there is no need to download their app.

In addition, the Pass can also be used as a transportation card. The 24-hour Pass preloaded with ₩4,500, while the 48-hour Pass has ₩6,000, plus free admission ₩212,000, for a total of ₩218,000. ₩69,000 after deducting the price of the pass, net saving is ₩ 149,000!

Overall, I really recommend using the Visit Busan Pass when you go to Busan! Because the location of many free attractions is very concentrated, no need to worry about not having enough time to visit. And there is a pre-charge of a certain amount as a transportation card, deducting the pre-charged amount, basically can be worth the pass price! And because it is available for 48 hours, the pass is counted as 48 hours from the time of use on the first day, and if you don’t use it so early when you use it for the first time, you can use it in the morning of the third day~

For example, if you go with my trip, deducting the ticket price of the Pass, you can save up to ₩149,000!

I hope this article has answered your questions about the new Visit Busan Pass launched in February~

After that, I will share with you a detailed introduction of each attraction and the itinerary of my remaining trip to Busan ^^

More about Visit Busan Pass:

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