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[Busan Travel] A must-see spot around Cheongsapo Station in Haeundae Blue Line Park

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In order to get to Cheongsapo Station 30 minutes before taking the Sky Capsule train, there will be a queue (because I am afraid that there will be many people).

Our appointment time was 9 o’clock, and it took about 1 hour from Arban City Hotel, so we got up at 7 o’clock on this day.

First we take the subway to Jang San Station (장산역) on Line 2. Get off the bus at Exit 7 and take the Haeundae-gu Bus No. 2 (해운대구2) and get off at Cheongsapo Blue Line Park Station (청사포블루아인파크).

Because we arrived half an hour early, we went to the observatory to see the endless sea.

This observatory is really good to shoot, and no one comes. If you will take a train at Cheongsapo Station, it is recommended to come to the observatory early to heal your soul with the sea~

After seeing the sea, we went to Haeundae Blue Line Park. We did use the Busan Visit Pass, because the Busan Visit Pass includes the coastal train only but we prefer to take the Sky Capsule Train, so we bought the tickets online in advance.

If you don’t mind taking the coastal train, we also recommend you using the pass~

To briefly introduce to you, Haeundae Blue Line Park is a must-see attraction that opened in October 2020, and there are two types: the Coastal Train and the Sky Capsule Train. The departure point can be either Mipo Station or Cheongsapo Station.

The coastal train and the Sky Capsule Train both run at a speed of 15 kilometres per hour and take 30 minutes, allowing visitors to slowly enjoy the sea view of Busan~

The following is the fare list of the coastal train and the Sky Capsule Train~

Sky Capsule Train (One Way)Sky Capsule Train (One Way)
+ Coastal Train (optional)
2 people30,000 won50,000 won
3 people39,000 won66,000 won
4 people44,000 won80,000 won

The Coastal Train is 4.8km long and runs from Mipo Station/Songjeong Station with 3 trains per hour (*Subject to change). If you buy a free pass, you can get off the bus and visit other attractions, such as the Stepping Stone Observation Deck.

Coastal trains
One-way7,000 won
Round trip12,000 won
All day pass16,000 won

**If you have purchased a one-way or round-trip ticket, you will not be able to board the train again after getting off the train. Mipo Station and Songjeong Station are the terminus stations, you must get off the train, and if you get off the train and then take the train again, it will be considered as two rides**

Run the schedule

The last coastal train
(Mipo Station)
The last coastal train
(Songjeong Station)
The last Sky Capsule Train
(November, December, January, February)
(March, April, October)
peak season
(May, June, September)
(July, August)

**Sky Capsule Train after 6pm will be restricted from boarding coastal trains bound for Mipo**

The coastal train lines up downstairs, while the Sky Capsule train goes up one floor. Originally, I was worried that there would be a lot of people queuing, so I arrived half an hour earlier, and as a result, there were only about 20 tourists waiting. Maybe it’s because 9 o’clock is too early, so nobody waits.

In the opposite direction, Mipo Station also drives at 9 o’clock, so at the beginning, you don’t have to be afraid of sky capsules driving in the opposite lane, and you can take pictures of the beautiful sea view.

A Sky Capsule train can seat two or four people, and I think two people are just right. It can be a bit crowded if you sit for 4 people, and it is difficult to take pictures, so if you are riding for the purpose of taking pictures, we recommend a maximum of 2-3 people.

I thought that 30 minutes would be so long, and I didn’t know what I could do with the rest of the time. However, while enjoying the beautiful sea view, I saw Mipo Station unexpectedly soon. How did time pass so fast? Fortunately, there were only two of us, and there were enough time to take more satisfactory photos~

After getting off the sky capsule, we were going to Busan’s newest observation tower – X The Sky~

In fact, X The Sky is within walking distance of Mipo Station, so when I first planned my trip, I started planning my trip by starting from Cheongsapo Station and then to Mipo Station, so I could save a lot of time! After all, with Visit Busan Pass, the most important thing is to count against every seconds

Next: the trip to X The Sky

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