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Must go place for Kakao Friends fans in Haeundae – Ryan holiday in Busan Ryan holiday

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Ryan holiday in Busan is an exhibition held by Kakao Friends in July 2022 in the open space in front of the five-star hotel Grand Josun in Haeundae

The exhibition hall is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the basement, and there are free and paid exhibitions inside. If you don’t have time or don’t like Kakao Friends very much, you can go to the free exhibition first, and then decide whether to enter the paid exhibition or not.

Free exhibition hall

The free exhibition hall is divided into 2 themes, the Secret Palace on the first basement floor and the Secret Market on the second basement floor

Secret Palace

In addition to 3 different exhibition areas, Secret Palace also has nursing rooms and toilets.

Palace Photo Zone

Here, the main color is pink, which makes Ryan and Choonsik sitting on the cake in the middle of the venue look more cute <3

Apart from the rotating Ryan and Choonsik, there are also 5 Apeach with different expressions

Even if you don’t like Kakao Friends very much, how can you bear not to take pictures in this main photography area?

Cafe Lounge

After buying drinks, you can go here to toast with the characters of Kakao Friends and enjoy a leisurely afternoon~

Hidden Club

The atmosphere here feels like you are really on the dance floor of the club. There is a DJ performance, and other Kakao Friends characters dance together on the screen. It’s a club where kids can come too~ XD

It’s a pity that Choonsik has no role here TT

Secret Market

There is a power bank rental service and a ticket office here.

Holiday Shop

There are many kinds of Ryan Holiday in Busan limited editions. If you like Kakao Friends, don’t miss it, because you can’t buy the same type of products outside.

Food Market

Enjoy snacks in Secret Market at a food market full of seaside sensibilities!

Paid exhibition hall

The entrance fee for paid exhibition halls for adults is 20,000 won, and we have the Visit Busan Pass, so we can enter the venue without additional payment.

I really recommend this Visit Busan Pass, and I can save 20,000 won here.

Ryan My Favorite Things

The paid exhibition hall is divided into 8 themes, and you can have stamp in each themed area. If you collect 8 stamps, you will get a small gift~

As for the gift, I will not spoil it first, let’s look forward to it XD

Ryan’s Bag

After buying the ticket, you have to enter Ryan’s suitcase, and go on a trip with Ryan~

There will be a short video in it to make everyone more involved in the situation

Dream Street

After that, you will enter the Dream Street, where there are many projections of Ryan and water, as if walking in the water

Ryan’s Private Broadcast

If you want to do a live broadcast with Ryan, you can come here~

Ryan’s Dance Class

Here you can dance with Ryan and Choonsik, there are 4 songs to challenge

It will also give you score that you can test your dancing ability here~

Ryan’s Showroom

There are so many different clothes here, it’s like visiting Ryan’s closet

In addition, you can also take a headshot. After taking the photo, you will be shown on the screen as Ryan walking on stage.

zzZ Park

This is a place where people can rest while looking at the starry sky, and there is also a soft bean bag sofa for people to lie down~

Holiday Road

Walking on the streets here is like a vacation, very relaxing

4DX Cinema

You can watch a short video here, which is a continuation of the video you saw when you entered the venue

Kakao Friends Surfing Road

There will be a small projection space before leaving, and the whole exhibition will end with the surfing scene of Kakao Friends


The entire exhibition hall has a lot of interactions, no matter men, women or children, you can take many photos and try new things here.

And there are so many cute Kakao Friends decorations, Kakao Friends fans really must not miss it!!!

  • Address: B120, Basement 1, B220, Basement 2, Haeundae Coastal Road, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 (opening hours may vary in winter)

More about Visit Busan Pass:

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