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The most famous kimbap in Haeundae traditional market

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Of course, before visiting the Ryan Holiday in Busan Museum, you must fill your stomach

In Haeundae Traditional Market, there is a famous Korean restaurant 상국이네 김밥 Sangguk Kimbap at the end of Haeundae Street towards Haeundae Traditional Market

Shang National Rice Roll
Shang National Rice Roll

If you see a red sign with a lot of fried food and fish cake at the door, you foung the right one

Shang National Rice Roll

There are a lot of people lining up here, and a lot of people come here to take the food home to eat

Shang National Rice Roll
Shang national rice roll menu
Shang National Rice Roll

We ordered set B (spicy stir-fried rice cake + blood sausage + fish cake (4 pieces) + fried food (8 pieces) + kimbap (1 piece) + steamed dumplings)

Shang National Rice Roll

Fried food can be freely selected. After selection, they will be fried again to reheat, and the crispy outer part is really delicious

And blood sausages can be selected with or without organs, and we chose those with organs

In addition to Koreans, many foreigners dined in the restaurant

My favourites are fried vegetables and steamed dumplings

If you go to Haeundae, try this famous restaurant~

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