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[Busan Tour] 2 places for free with the Visit Busan Pass in the same building! And also 1 place with discounts!

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On the second day of using the Visit Busan Pass, and after a trip to Jihang in the daytime, we return to Seomyeon!

There are many places in Seomyeon where you can use passes, such as the Seomyeon Art Museum, Seomyeon Laser Arena, Samjeong Tower Laser Arena, and Running Man Museum.

Samjeong Tower

Inside the Samjeong Tower, you can go to the Running Man Museum and the Samjeong Tower Laser Arena for free, and next to the Running Man Museum is the Poopoo Land.

Being able to go to 3 places at once is really super convenient!

Poopoo Land

Although you need to purchase a separate ticket for Poopoo Land, if you buy a ticket with the pass, you will be able to pay 20% off, which you only need to pay 8,000 won after the discount~

We arrived at 6:30 p.m. After buying the tickets, we thought that there will have little to see inside Poopoo Land, so we decided to go there first

It is themed with the human digestive system

When we go in, it’s like the food enter the human body

It passes through the stomach, small intestine and large intestine and then goes out

There are some little interactive games in it, but unfortunately, it’s in Korean only

If you don’t know Korean, you may be a little bored

However, it is a good place to take children to learn how the digestive system functions

I took pictures and played some small interactive games, but I didn’t expect it to be 7:30pm that fast

  • Address: 672 10F, Joong-ung-ro, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
  • Adult Ticket: ₩ 10,000 (After 20% off: 8,000)

Running Man Museum

The Running Man Museum closed at 8 o’clock, and you could have the experience inside for an hour

We didn’t pay attention to the time of its closing time, and we almost couldn’t go in but the staff let us play for 30 minutes

There are 3 levels of difficulty, the lowest is for children, the middle is for the average adult, and the highest is for the adult who exercises a lot

My friend told me to choose the lowest difficulty because we only had 30 minutes

But I thought that we only had 30 minutes, but we were going to make it, so I picked the middle level

I didn’t expect my friend’s thought was right

It’s really hard for us to challenge all the levels at once

And if we are not physically fit, we will really get stuck

I really regret that I didn’t listen to my friend in the first place. TT

Because my physical fitness is so poor, I ended up looking for extra points in the mirror maze

I ended up with only 49 points

So there is only one commemorative badge

I was super tired and sweaty inside

Running Man member is really hard to be

Next time if you have the opportunity, you have to challenge yourself!

  • Address: 672 10F, Joong-ung-ro, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
  • Adult tickets: ₩16,000

Samjeong Tower Laser Arena

It was 8 pm when we left the Running Man Museum

We were planning to the Seomyeon Laser Arena

Luckily, we discovered another laser arena when we descended the escalator

The staff here were also not sure how to use the Visit Busan Pass

He said it could be scanned on the machine, but he didn’t know if it could be used there or not

So he called his boss and asked him

Finally, he said okay. It was two free games with the pass

First we needed to fill in the personal information

The nickname should be written and should be in Korean. You may need to prepare a nickname less than 6 Korean characters~

The people over there don’t know much English, so let’s briefly explain the situation and gameplay:

All players will have a laser gun

The first game begins by randomly assigning a player to hold a bomb

The lights of the player’s vest are of different colours

Other players need to avoid that player

If the player is shot too many times, the bomb will be transferred

The player with the bomb will be the last place

If you are being shot too many times, you will die

However, it will be reset after a certain time

After the reset, you can continue the game

The whole game seems to be 10 or 15 minutes

Although my friend was too tired, I was alone to go inside, it was really super fun!!

One avoids the players with the bomb and the other players and aims at the one

It was really super exciting!! I also unconsciously screamed out when I was attacked

I thought I was playing well, and I ended up being the worst player XDD except for the player with the bomb

After I went to the Running Man Museum, I ran out of energy in the laser arena, so I just played one game and I gave up on the second game

But the content of the game is similar, if you play the second game, you can also share your experience here~

  • Address: No. 908, 9th floor, Samjeong Tower, No. 672, Central Road, Busan Town, Busan Metropolitan City
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
  • Adult Tickets: ₩14,000 (2 sessions)

More about Visit Busan Pass:

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