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[Must-have item] Save at least 150,000 won with VISIT BUSAN PASS!

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Last time I helped you sort out the zoning and cost-effectiveness of VISIT BUSAN PASS free attractions, this article will share with you my actual itinerary of using the Freedom Pass in March ~ I can save at least 150,000 won! Day1 itinerary Haeundae Blue Line Park

32 Visit Busan Pass Free Attractions! Busan Self-guided Travel Guide (Part 2)!

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Visit Busan Pass Free Attractions Division Among the 24 free attractions, in addition to the 4 attractions in Haeundae District introduced last time, this time the introduction is also very concentrated, and it is very convenient to arrange the itinerary Oh~ Dongbusan Tourist Area Station Skyline Luge Busan Address: 205 Jijang Coastal Road, Busan City

32 Visit Busan Pass Free Attractions! Busan Self-guided Travel Guide (Part I)!

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The previous article briefly introduced the data of Visit Busan Pass, this time it will introduce you in detail what the Visit Busan Pass includes for free attractions and sharing tips for planning a trip. Visit Busan Pass Free Attraction Introduction: First of all, the address of the free admission attraction of Visit Busan Pass and the adult entrance / use fee are sorted out for your reference.

VISIT BUSAN PASS, A MUST-HAVE FOR TRAVEL IN BUSAN! Busan finally has a freedom pass!!!

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Seoul has a free pass called the Discover Seoul Pass, which allows travelers to visit multiple attractions for free for 24/48/72 hours. I believe that people who like to travel have been waiting for the Busan-exclusive Freedom Pass for a long time! The Korea Tourism Organization finally launched the Visit Busan Pass on February 1, 2023!!!

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